City walks with morning talks!


I will not ask how is life going, cos I feel it is getting better. For me it is! By the way, I doubt and am sure that you guys do not remember (actually know) me. So never mind, let’s just continue the story. And, and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to the readers out there!!

So, too busy with life? Have not got time to read my previous posts? xD (Jus’ kidding, I have not posted anything during last 3 months or maybe 2)

Anyways, I am writing this blog to share some good traits I recently adopted. Any guess? HINT: This all could happen due to this great pandemic (maybe). And I do not know now to thank or to curse this Corona season. Now, let me help you with some pictures.

Um, quite easy to guess? And, it has been a month now since I started this habits; let’s see if I can keep it till the last (I will!). And the answer is .. yes, morning walks and city talks! What do I mean by this now? During those walks, the city whose just gotten up from rest or sleep, I don’t know. Talks. Means, the whole city and not just the beings, human beings. At morning, the birds, the cows, everyone and anyone talks. The news. Everything.

Stop the cycle to stay updated

This scene, is so in tradition and common. It feels a different kind of pleasure, buying the newspaper directly from the newsie. Searching for that particular newspaper and then having it with chaa (tea). Early habits nearly we can find it anywhere or everywhere. Like reading news? Neither me! (High-5!) Cos, the news are more or less same but with filtered headlines every time.

A sample person reading news and digesting the same with chaa

The above picture is taken at a tea shop which I used to visit like regularly. Reason? This is the only shop which provides me dim-toast (Google!), omlette, etc and tea of course at 7 AM. No other shop are open or either provide these items except tea to feed my tummy! This little cool shop is great. Plus, I get to read the newspaper while having chaa and relax!

And to be honest, at my first visit, I was rejected for not having omlette. But I did not gave up and paid my second visit and there I was offered the below. *smirks*

Chaa and dim-toast (looks delicious, na?)

The regular morning talks are so normal and healthy to hear. Like filled with light fights and random talks. For example, most of the shops do not have change of big notes to exchange it. And one day, this tea shop also got indulge in a little argument with an old lady. She comes regularly with her friend to have tea. That day, like usual she asked for tea, had it and then handed him the money. Then dadu (the shopkeeper) counted and shouted “This little coins don’t work, lady. No one is interested to have it, please exchange it with some other coins”.

In reply to that, lady said she does not have any more coins or money. She just brought this to have tea with her friend. Saying this, she left. Dadu kept grumbling and complaining about her coins then her attitude for like five minutes. It stopped when another visitor came.

Glimpse of the quite fight

Today, I visited the other side and I stopped at a temple. Yellow. This colour attracts me. At morning, you find so much to do and so little to think. Time just flies at morning. Anyways, there I go and rested for some time. Prayed. And played with pigeons then back home!

I counted them, they were 22 in total (not all, you can see in the picture tho xD)

The temple was wet and clean. And the floors were cold, of course. Still it was beautiful and peaceful. Here goes the another glimpse.

No devotee and only priest.

We say there are 4 directions. But I got only two. Whichever path I took, I will return and will be lost in these 2 directions only. Let’s see what can I get more. I don’t have any clue on what and which aspect I am talking this about. So let’s skip.

My favourite direction is going towards the railway station. There I don’t have to care or think about time. It’s like, I get the signal or what time it is whenever I reach there. Actually, two trains leaves at the time when I reach there. One leaves the platform, other arrives. So it is easy to guess the time, if I’m late the train is gone obviously and if I reach early, I wait for the trains to leave.

Y das sentido a toda mi vida con tu querer

Feel free to comment your new learnings and let’s just exchange thoughts as and when we are having it. And any suggestions?

One last thing I would like to share is that I am learning Japanese, too! So be prepared, maybe my next blog you need to translate! And will post sooon, this time, aai-shappat! And come, “Get on the train, baby!”

Phir Milenge!

To the Morning Streets, Dhaba(s) and my Regular Buddies!

A random Tea Stall at Calcutta.


Every things are coming on track, slowly. How’s your life been? Started going to work after a clean break?

And, here I’m extremely sorry for the late post. Too late, you can say *grinning face with sweat*! Yes ‘cos, yeh toh emojis ka zamana hain.

In this post all I’m gonna talk about is morning air and healthy vibes, as you can read the same in the title. During my college days, me with my friend — The Food Blogger (@street_food_map) used to travel around Calcutta (as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts). Here, I’m gonna focus on few places where we used to visit on like regular basis. Like daily. Monday to Saturday, I guess.

Balwant Singh‘s Eating House also known as Balwant Singh’s Dhaba.

This is an iconic Dhaba in Calcutta, 90 year old Punjabi Dhaba (restaurant). Now, you must be wandering why and what is Dhaba. “Dhaba is a roadside food stall, organized by Punjabis mainly.” Okay, I’m not going into any History and making this post a boring one!

We used to arrive at this place like at 7 AM approx, after having a bhaand (cup) of chai (tea). We visit there again to have another cup. It was a ritual for us. The beginning months were cool and we really got attached to this place. Every worker over there recognize us. The cashier became our friend. It was like if we didn’t visit there at some time, they used to worry that are we okay. Yes, we have built a relationship, a bond with/to that place.

Two chai bhaands at Balwant Singh’s Dhaba.

After few months, we disliked that tea. Not tea in particular but the tea of that dhaba only. It tastes like shit. (Sorry to the owner or the worker over there, if you’re reading this. Really, no offense!) But that doesn’t stop us going there. We used to go there around same time, not daily but regularly. So that they don’t forget us also we too didn’t want to forget that place!

We used to sit there for hours and chit chat. The dhaba opens at 5 AM and people around there come and have chai and namkin as their snacks. Usually, the people come after jogging, exercise or morning walk to rest and feed their soul! So do us, we were the early visitors with some more other students we used to found sometimes.

Street Wall Art nearby Balwant Singh’s Dhaba.

We found this wall painting near the dhaba. It was an amazing sight. I have many pictures of my friends posing in this street. I remember ‘cos I used to click them. XD (if I may use it, here!)

Indian Coffee House.

During daytime, we used to go “Indian Coffee House”. And “during day means like after 11 AM” for us! It’s more like a cafe. This place is very famous for the college students studying in Presidency College, Calcutta University, etc. Or whenever you visit “College Street”, you m u s t visit Coffee House. Here, you’ll find every age of groups from college students to retired or working professionals. This is mostly for adda like you meeting a friend after long time, this be the best place to sit and rant about life (or anything you want) for hours!!

One day, we really got lucky and have the chance to click it while it was just open, with no people and empty chairs gossiping who all are coming and complaining about those same old shit again.

Indian Coffee House waiting for their people!

At Coffee House, we used to sit and talk about some regular college things. Stuffs like, which books to buy for the upcoming exams, the boy behind you is staring from 27 minutes, I want to order one more cup of coffee and many more. This place is noisy and full of people around you talking, complaining some shit or other still you’ll manage to find peace with yourself and complain more! This place is a vibe in itself, words will fail and I’ll not be able to describe it’s beauty.

Chai at Kona Dukaan at Dalhousie.

When we got tired of Balwant Singh’s chai we used to join here. This too, opens up early at morning like 6 AM. And, I can’t deny this place serves the amazing tea! The name Kona means the corner. The name is so ‘cos of the location of the stall. It’s right opposite Calcutta Stock Exchange.

So many tea stories, right? Well tea is a healthy vibe to me for early morning. What about you? What story or stories you recollect about your college days? It can be fun and can be boring, don’t decide it yourself and let me help you! Comment your stories or your healthy morning vibes fas-ssssst.

Phir Milenge!

The restless city-passengers


We’ve been isolated for a long time. So how have you been, guys?

Couldn’t make it here, was too busy with life. Of course, you all have been busy! Weekends ahead, any plans? (sorry shouldn’t have asked this, knowing it would be same for many people out there). But we can make indoor plans, right? So, what’s on your mind?

By the way, this blog is about how talkative you can be. Can you compete with the city, Calcutta? Well, I personally feel the city is the talk’iest’ city, I have ever met. And for the kind information, I have never been out of this town! *sad face*

Wondering why I am calling Calcutta as the most talkative city? I’ve plenty of reasons to stand my point.

I was rambling near Shyambazar and having tea from her, then a man arrive. Didn’t said a word, she handed him the tea.

As you can see in the above picture. Then they two started sharing the afternoon updates like “had your lunch?”, “yes, what about you?”, “waiting for my son to come back so I can go and eat”, the lady said.

Then, I asked her that can I have the picture of the stall? (I really liked the tea stall!). But maybe she didn’t understand and gave me the confused smile, looking at the camera of my phone. Oh, now forget the stall and there I captured her portrait.

Now are you getting why I called this sheher, the most talkative? Without uttering a word, you can know what the other wants or you may choose your words less but the expression will be understood fully.

At the evening, this days everyone leave early from office and I catch some more people in The Dalhousie, going home or to the bus stand together.

And at the end, as I was standing and waiting for the bus to get back home at Howrah Station, there was the group of people (or kids, if I may say so) waiting for bus, too. To sell the lemons. Get four just in cost of Rs. 10/-

Such a hard leaving with easy means or vice versa? Here, have a look.

They were maintaining the queue that who would go next and in which bus. They’ve planned their target audience so easily, haan?!

Now, has I have already talked a lot about the daily travel things. Now it’s your turn, what stories do you have? Share your stories in the comment section! *waiting for your stories*

Phir milenge!

“Yatri Kripya Dhyaan De”


Welcome to “The Local Ticket” station, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me (the local passenger) who is now indulge in “9 to 5” routine.

To keep me sane, I created this blog. Hope this will help you guys, too.

Now, as the pandemic season is on! Sorry, I didn’t mean to intend that this will come every year. Although this year, “The 2020” has given us inexhaustible surprises to deal with. And, I feel this blog will save you from ….. yourselves.

Stay awake, maybe the next coming station is yours!

Phir milenge!